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Syed Waliullah, Escape, Pen Club, 1950
Syed Waliullah, Pen Miscellany, Escape, 1950
Syed Waliullah, La fuite 1962
Syed Waliullah, Nayanchara

ESCAPE is a short story published in the Pakistan Pen Miscellany in 1950 with other authors...

It was written originally in english.

Syed Waliullah started writing as a student at Feni High School, where he edited a hand-wrtten magazin called Bhorer Alo.

His first short story, "Hathat Alor Jhalkani" was published in the Dhaka College magazine. (source The Ugly Asian, Niaz Zaman 2013)

Syed Waliullah started to publish short stories in different literary magazines in Calcutta.

The original book is corrected and annoted by the author.

It was translated by L. C. Maitre for the french magazine Orient in 1962.

Syed Waliullah, Comrade Publications, Nayanchara


  1. Nayan Chara

  2. Jahaji

  3. Porajoy

  4. Mrityo jatra

  5. Khuni

  6. Rokto

  7. Khondo Chander Boktotay

  8. Srei Prithity

In 1944, when he was a student, he published a choice of short stories under the name of Nayanchara.

Syed Waliullah, This life, Under the green canopy, 1966
This life

THIS  LIFE was published among other autors in a selection of contemporay creative writings "Under the green canopy" in 1966.

It was translated from the original bengali by the author.

Dui Teer
Syed Waliullah, Dui Teer
Syed Waliullah, Dui Teer


  1. Dui Teer

  2. Ekti Tulshi Gasher Kahini

  3. Pagri

  4. Keraya

  5. Nishphol Jibon Nishphol Jatra

  6. Krishmen Chuti

  7. Maleka

  8. Stonne

  9. Motinudder Prem


In 1965, DUI TEER was adjudged as the best creative fiction work by the pannel of judges of the Adamjee Prize for Literature.


EKTI TULSHI GASHER KAHINI  was translated from the original bengali by the author himself under the name "The Tale of the Tulsi Tree".

It appears in its english version in Niaz Zaman compilation of short stories "The escape and other stories of 1947" with the short story 'Escape" in 2000.

NISHPOL JIBON NISHPOL JATRA  was written originally in English under the name of "No enemy" in 1959 and  was then translated by the author.

The original english version has been published by Niaz Zaman in "From the delta : English fiction from Bangladesh"in 2005.

"No enemy" was tranlated in German by Hans Harder pour “Die Horen” in 1997.

KERAYA  was translated from the original bengali by the author himself under the name "Cargo".

It was first published in the Pakistan Quaterly in 1958, then by Mahfil in 1965.

Then it appeared in the Mexican revista El Cuento in 1972 under the name "Cargamento", and in the french revue Esprit in 1974.

Syed Waliullah, Cargo, Iqbal Geoffrey
Syed Waliullah, Cargo, Esprit
Syed Waliullah, El cuento, Cargo, 1965
Syed Waliullah, Pakistan Quaterly, 1958
Cover  by Iqbal Geoffrey

THE WET NURSE was translated by Niaz Zaman and published in the daily newspaper "New Age" Feb 21st, 2004" along with an article presented by herself "The english writings of Syed Waliullah".

There is an early english version entitled "The test" translated by Syed Waliullah under the pseudonym Qaisar Saeed.

Another translation was made by Alfaz Tarafdar under the title "Breasts" and was published in "Anthology of Contemporary Short Stories of Bangladesh" in 1984 by Bangla Academy.

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