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Syed Waliullah


Simine and Iraj Waliullah, sole children and heirs, are committed to honoring our father Syed Waliullah.

Out of respect for his attachment to his homeland and in gratitude for the affection felt by so many readers for him and his work, 
we intend to donate  the entirety of personal memorabilia we hold to the nation of Bangladesh.
Considering also that it is our duty to maintain and keep his thought accessible for all we wish to create

a non-profit foundation to promote his work in Bangladesh and beyond.
In this spirit, this website is intended to share with a large public elements of his life and his work.

It is dedicated to be a collaborative platform that everyone is invited to enrich by any useful contribution

(rare articles, photos, letters and other informations or documents). 


We very much count on your support and thank you for your interest in Syed Waliullah.

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